Effort Elevator Tool

Effort Elevator Tool

Effort Elevator Tool
Effort Elevator Tool

Do you want to make easy to perform architecture work ,than you can.  In the marvellous world of invention the human countless thoughts successfully invented a gadget which is  EFFORT ELEVATOR TOOL.

Effort  elevator tool  is purely hand handle gadget, which is purely design by the law of force and motion and the types of lever fulcrum  rule.  Its  body is purely designed by stainless steel with high quality comfortable rubber handle and high strength spring.it is  a clamping tool with labor saving arm jack. Effort elevator tool having   reinforcing support plate with thickened pressing plate  which is used and help to lift doors ,  fix cabins . It’s    also help   to fix plates or rods on roof or any other constructive structure buildings or houses.This tool saves our labor and have wide applications  which fulfill our basic need in the field of architecture when we live in a life of global village .
MaterialAlloy Steel
Batteries RequiredNo


  • Strong structure with less force and effort required.
  • Without any labor force.
  • Lift up architecture structures.
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