Fringe trimmer

Fringe trimmer

Fringe trimmer
Fringe trimmer

Fringe trimmer is a basic simple machine, which is baffle used in the lives of busy ,hardworking women’s .By  this  product you can easily cut your own hair bangs with professional  results. It’s   compact body structure helps to sustain hairs properly .Its   ABS    plastic formation makes it more durable and trustful    product. It is a time saving tool with professional results of cutting hair bangs.  It also had storage plate to collect dropping hairs. It is available in delicate, feminine and tenderness   colors. It is also a good learning tool for beginner hair dressers, that how to easily use in cutting hair bangs. This is also a beneficially simple product as hygienically purpose.


  • Best use for little kids
  • Good for hygienic purpose
  • Not mess creator
  • Effective hair tool for beginner hair dressers
  • Its very effective for married working mothers
  • ABS plastic blend makes a nice impact
  • Compact shape makes it beneficial , protective and durable
  • It is a good product as gift for stylists
  • Its save our time and money
  • Just moving back and forth and you can cut our own hairs smartly


  • Number of pieces : one unit
  • Available in calm and serene colors
  • Size two piece set ( without scissors)
  • Material : ABS plastic 
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