Right angle table

Right angle table

Right angle table
Right angle table

Right angle table 

In the world of learner’s, we welcome an overwhelming surprise architecture piece of furniture Right angle table. It is most useful, reliable and comfortable piece of furniture for students, teachers, office staff and specially IT holder persons for their practical performance.

The basic material is made up of iron body with wooden head .it is easily furnished. The number of office workers who suffer from fatigue, numbness in the arms hands and wrists has increased dramatically with evolving computer technology. Proper   keyboard height, palm supports, mouse location, and feet and knee positioning all play a part in minimizing these injuries. It is easy to use even for beginners. It has smooth surface with reliable forming material. 
Polish and paint material is also reliable and fulfill the customer desire. Its formation and basic structure show that every process is without any defect.


Material: P2 15 Mm particle Broad Iron Frame

Color: Light Retro Color

Dimension: (55.12 x19.69 x 56.3)

Weight: 63.27 Ib /28.7kg

Package   Includes:  1x computer desk


  • Easy to use
  • Each detail is paid attention
  • Strong, with high quality material
  • Simple and portable design
  • Comfortable for students, teachers and office workers. 
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