Auto Laser Fog Light for Car

We know driving during foggy weather is very difficult this product helps you to drive...
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We know driving during foggy weather is very difficult this product helps you to drive safe during driving.

Why you choose this product:

  • Suitable for all vehicle.
  • Install rear of the vehicle, at night or in fog weather alerts and reminders for the rear of the vehicle.
  • Project the red warning light on the ground
  • Easy to install.
  • The product can make the driver drive farther and more effectively to warn the rear of the vehicle not to get too close so that can avoid traffic accidents.
  • For driving at night can provide a clearer position of the vehicle and indicate the turning direction of the vehicle.

  • Brighter and clearer, better than fog light and license light.

  • Easy to warning back car pay attention don't touch or collision on fog ,raining, snowing Weather.
  • Best Laser fog Light for Car especially in dry winter.
  • Laser Fog Light clear our visibility during foggy weather.


  • At low speed in fog
  • heavy mist
  • snow
  • poor-visibility situations.

Type: Fog Light
Laser Power: 200mw
Lamp Type: LED
Laser Wavelength: 650mm(red color )
8V-36V (12-24V Recommended, otherwise the lighting effects will be affected)
Working Temperature:
-20~70 degree
Laser Safety Grade:
Class 3B
Mounting Placement:
Above the center of license Operating
The Maximum Adjustable Angle:
±90 degree from top to bottom
Waterproof Grade: IPX4
Applicable models: General

Material: Aluminum + ABS plastic
Color: Show as picture
Size: Laser Light Head: about 18mm*27mm
Bracket Size: about 22mm*40mm
Package Includes:

  • 1 * LED Laser Light
  • 1 * Bracket
  • 1 * 3M adhesive Glue
  • Some Fixing screws

Installation instructions:
Tear double-sided adhesive, attached to the laser light above the rear license middle, connect the cable, turn on the laser light, adjust the laser light irradiation angle to the ground, tighten the screws.

Customer Reviews

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Jewell Hermiston

I do not know how it will behave in an aggressive environment... well, it shines like))

Alexie Dach

Excellent site Indications. Order meets my expectations. I recommend this merchant

Glen Lakin

Included at home, the line as at the laser level on the car has not yet tired, there is a mount with a suspension in the kit, I so understood to install the type of of a

Mara Stehr


Vivianne Yundt

Sent quickly, packed was simple, but it did not come damaged, moisture protection is not any, I will have to glue myself, it works well, the line is clear, I will

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